About Us

The CHICAGO INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ALLIANCE is a group of organizations working together that

  • PROMOTES Chicago as a vibrant center for the development and management of IP
  • LINKS those with interests in intellectual property
  • PROVIDES quality educational programs in IP
  • HIGHLIGHTS regional expertise in intellectual property
  • COMMUNICATES new developments in IP law and practice
  • ENABLES access to and exchange with professionals in IP
  • UNDERSCORES opportunities in the Chicago region in the IP arena

Mission Statement

The Chicago Intellectual Property Alliance (CIPA) is a 501(c)(3) not for profit entity that identifies and promotes Chicago, the Midwest and its committed intellectual property practitioners, law schools, associations and businesses as the intellectual property center for new ideas, programs and education.

IP News

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A timely analysis of McRO v. Bandai et al. just out from the Federal Circuit, by Ross Dannenberg, Aseet Patel and Peter Nigrelli at the Banner and Witkoff website.


CIPA is please to be a sponsor of the AIPF 2018 Annual Meeting to be held in Chicago 26-28 September 2018 at the Swissotel in Chicago.  Early Registration ends August 15th.  Additional information can be found on our Affiliates page and on the AIPF Annual Meeting website itself.