Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

At the invitation of the Alliance, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit sat in Chicago during the week of 7 November 2005.

Chicago and the Chicago Intellectual Property Alliance welcomed the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit during the week of November 7, 2005. The Week was a whirlwind of activities in which the Court heard cases at four different venues, attended receptions, lunches, roundtables, and dinners, and spent a great deal of time with the law students in Chicago.

Circuit judges, attorneys who argued the cases, members of the CIPA Board discussed the cases with students at the CIPA – sponsored reception after the oral arguments.

Thanks are due first to the CAFC Committee members for all of the work preparing the proposal and suggested itinerary for the Court. Chair, Jerry Gilson, Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione, Dolores Hanna, Tim Holbrook, Chicago Kent College of Law, Clint W. Francis, Northwestern University School of Law, Joseph T. Nabor, Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery.

On Wednesday, 9 November, CIPA hosted a reception for the Court, CIPA Founders and affiliates, law students, and attorneys at Chicago Kent College of Law, the afternoon venue for the Court’s docket. Students had a chance to talk with the judges as well as the attorneys arguing cases before the Court after an audience of over 200 watched the proceedings either from within the courtroom or through the live feed to the auditorium.

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