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CIPA is now LinkedIn

The Marketing Committee has established a CIPA group on the LinkedIn networking website. This should enable founders, affiliates, and others interested in CIPA to communicate activities and developments more easily within their community.

The CIPA group on LinkedIn provides a central place for members of the group to post job announcements, links to articles of interest, meeting announcements, and questions or topics for discussion. Check it out!
The general website allows you to link to friends, colleagues and groups, post your profile, and stay in touch with like-minded professionals.

…and tweeting as well!

The CIPA Marketing Committee is also experimenting with Twitter to follow legal and business updates and to make announcements. Currently approval is required to follow CIPA news tweets.

Marketing Committee Members

  • Mickie Piatt, Esq., Chicago-Kent College of Law
  • Sarah Fanto, Chicago-Kent College of Law
  • Greg Gulliver, Esq., The Eclipse Group
  • Sama Hakin, Esq., K & L Gates
  • Athar Khan, Esq., McAndrews Held & Malloy
  • Jeremy Roe, Esq., Neal & McDenitt
  • Kate Starshack, Esq., K & L Gates

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